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2 Clean Bins

Single Visit-No Commitments

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Add more bins for just $10 ea.

We're Utah's Largest and Top Rated Bin Cleaner

130+ Five Star Google Reviews

No Contract Service Plans

Monthly Cleaning

Perfect for families with kids, pets, loose garbage and yard waste.

One visit each month

2 bins included/add bins for $10 ea

2 visit minimum

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Quarterly Cleaning

most popular

Perfect for families that bag garbage and recyclables but still get some messes and yard waste.

One visit each quarter

2 bins included/add bins for $10 ea

2 visit minimum


Your New Favorite Subscription

Contracts? Eww.

Since garbage never stops, our service plans keep your bins clean on a schedule. Our monthly plan is just $25 and our quarterly plan is just $35, for TWO bins!

Only have 1 bin? Split it with a neighbor and get it for half price!


Is bin cleaning really a thing?

It sure is! No one likes a stinky, grimy garbage bin. Cleaning your bins yourself is a nasty, time consuming process - not to mention the contaminated water you're washing down storm drains.

Bin Blasters cleans stinky, smelly garbage bins in seconds with our specially designed bin blaster-mobile. We capture all the dirty water so it can be treated properly.

How do you clean my garbage bins?

Our specially designed bin blaster-mobile drives up to the curb, our operator lifts the cans in the bin blaster and sprays the bins with 200 degree water. Think of it like a dishwasher for your bins. In a few minutes all the germs and stink are blasted from the bins. After spritzing them with lavender we'll walk them back up to your house.

Do I have to be home when you clean my bins?

Nope, on trash day just leave your empty bins on the curb and we'll do the rest.

How do I pay for the service?

We'll contact you within 24 hours to finish setting up your schedule and autopay. Think of it like your carwash or Netflix subscription. A discounted rate for a set billing schedule.

Do you clean my bins on garbage day?

We try to get everyone scheduled on their garbage day, depending on your pick up time.

130+ Five Star Google Reviews

"First time getting our bins cleaned today and I was truly shocked how great they were when it was all done!!! Like… can’t even express how dirty our bins were and they are now looking brand new!! We were skeptical at first and now are signing up for recurring visits. Get your bins cleaned by Bin Blasters immediately!!"

- Blake L.

"Bin Blasters was very quick in contacting me once I expressed interest in getting the bin cleaned, they came to my home and completed the work very quickly as well. They use Venmo as well, so the whole process was effortless on my part. Very happy with the result!!"

- Grace D.

"I was very pleased with the service that was provided to me. They responded quickly and did such an excellent job! My trash can looks brand new and they were deodorized too! I will definitely use them again! You all should give them a try too! Oh they are very clean and neat when they serviced my bins."

- Pamela E.

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