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  • $19.99 per month
  • 4 scheduled cleanings per year
  • FREE additional cleanings as needed
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Servicing St.George, Washington, Hurricane and Sant Clara



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The Best Deal in Bin Cleaning

  • Bins cleaned every season
  • FREE re-cleans as needed
  • Add cans for just $5 each month.


How often should we be getting them cleaned?

The Clean Can Plan is our most popular choice. Every 3 months seems to be the ideal timeframe for cleaning bins.

Do I have to be home when you clean my bins?

No! We'll send reminders the day before, so you can leave your bins on the street after it's emptied. We'll pull your bins back up to your garage when we're done.

How do the FREE re-cleans work?

If you need us to freshen up your bins in between visits, just ask! We'll add you to the next route in your neighborhood. If you have an emergency and need us right away, it's just a $25 charge.

How do I pay for the service?

Everyone on the Clean Can Plan is set up on auto pay. Customers requesting a single visit will place a card on file prior to our visit and we'll charge the card upon job completion.

Do you clean my bins on garbage day?

We try to get everyone scheduled on their garbage day, however depending on your pick up time, we may Blast your Bins the following morning. Just leave them on the curb or by your garage, we'll grab 'em!

Hi St.George!

We're Kaden & Kyler Terry and we're excited to Blast your Stinky Bins!

Born and raised here in St.George, we've been a part of the local sports and business community for years.

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